Turnbull Clan Genealogy Collection

The history of the Turnbulls has been closely interwoven with that of the Scottish/English Borders since they settled in the region as part of the Boernician race in 400 A.D. The Turnbulls are a scion of the Rule family of Roxburghshire where they livd on the lands through which flowed the River Rule in the parish of Hobkirk. William de Rule became the first Turnbull when he saved the life of King Robert the Bruce at Stirling Park from a charging bull injured by the king while hunting. William, a large strong man, jumped in between the king and the angry bull, turning its head and breaking its neck. The gratified king dubbed his savior William Turn-E-Bull and gave him the first barony of the Bedrule area, held today by Wally Turnbull.

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There are a number of family Lines presented here, mostly from Australia with no Turnbull connection. They are "families of interest" contributed by Jim Turnbull an early significant contributor to this database.

We have no additional information on any of the families on our site, but welcome corrections to all lines and new information on Turnbull and associated septs. 

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